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++ At School ++
Tuesday. 10.3.06 1:36 am
i'm at school right now.
Just finished the midterm exam yesterday.
Now i become a zombie...thai zombie..hahaha..
lack of sleep..
but yeah..i slept 8 hours last night,,so kinda feeling better now..

well,what i want to say now is that...
it's not that easy,,to face all the probs you have...
i mean...to face the facts..the reality..
and i'm doing it right now

to be honest , i'm very tired, and bored everytime i go to school and some of my friends kept asking me things like " where u been ?? " or " u still aliveJ??" i
i know it was a joke..or just ..u know ..some kinda greeting..but yeah..
it makes me feel uncomfy sometimes to hear and to answer...

but it's ok...
mm..dont knwo what to say more here...
i know..at least..i m a survivor :P..
haha...and i dont think i shouldn't care bout the others too much..eh??

gtg now..
have a nice day y'all...
and i miss you Chris...still miss you ..

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++ In the pics : Thailand Military Coup ++
Thursday. 9.21.06 8:22 pm
Last night the Priminister announced the state of emergency - the military coup in thailand.
Why this happened?
Well,I think many thai people know the reasons for that, and so does the PM himself.

Not gonna talk about it here nor about Thai politics, but I'm going to tell you the situation here at the moment.

Well, i know it's not good to have such a thing happened here in my country..
We have monarchy democracy.
I know..Democracy shouldnt' be destroyed by this kind of thing. But I have to say that...no violence here really ,,, no such a thing ...
It's not like some foriegn governments , or even the Mr.Anan view how things go here...
Well,we are basically a peaceful nation, and thai people dont like violence really -_-;..
And the truth about this situation right now ..here..is that the army is trying to deal things in peace..And i think they can do it well.[sorry for my bad english..hahaha..i'm very sleepy too..didnt sleep enough last night ...]
I can go out many places, and live my life like i used to do before the military coup...
Moreover..the soldiers are [ quite ] kind to people...
Although we have tanks around bangkok, but nothing serious , and nothing to worry...
Many fams took their kids outside to take pics with the tanks and the soldiers.
Many ppl gave some roses and flowers to the soldiers..>_<
We dont fight each other...so...no worries..hehe..

okie~~ gonna post some pics..here..
these pics are from BBC news >_<

From Yahoo...

Finally,,just wanna say ..thank you to thai army for the bloodless coup..>_< khob-khun ka..

More pics here : http://news.yahoo.com/photos/ss/events/wl/091906thailand"]http://news.yahoo.com/photos/ss/events/wl/091906thailand

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++ State of Emergency : Military Coup ++
Tuesday. 9.19.06 2:38 pm
Military Coup in thailand now...
But nothing serious now..
We did it peacefully.
I'm in bangkok now , and things are fine at the moment.
And tomorrow is a holiday.

Well , i was a bit shocked when i got a call from home [ my family is not in bangkok ]. My cousin told me the news.
But yeah,,,up until now 2.41 am..everything is alright.
No violence so far.

very sleepy...


hey~~ i'm ok~~

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++ Lazy cat ++
Tuesday. 9.19.06 8:54 am
i'm sleepy ...again..haha..
i'm a cat ..that's why sleeping is very important to me..huhuhu..

well, my dog Tommy just had an operation on his ear a few days ago.
Now he's getting better...hehe..i'm happy with that.

I went to Jung's online diary on sunday ...and i saw pics of him..Chris..
i really missed him...i'm going to send a watch that he gave me while we were together back to him...
dont know if u ever heard of this thing...
but i heard that it's not good to give a watch to ur lover becuz it means the time of ur relationship is going to be over...kinda..time is up...

But who knows..maybe our time is up already...
i'm not sexy n hot enuff for him ..i know...juz plain ...huhu...
but yeah...now i'm feeling better ...i just need some time to be with myself >_<
and yeah..i'm too lazy to do things now..

have a nice day ~~ and cheer up ....
everybody ...esp. me ..haha..babye~~

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++ At home ++
Friday. 9.15.06 11:14 am
I'm at home now...
i skipped classes [ yes i did! ]

well,i'm sorry,,i tried not to but ,,yeah..
it's hard to explain u guys about my situation right now..

anyway, so tired...
been such a long way back home..

Anyway, today i called Jung.
She sent me a msg ..hehe..so when i got home i called her..
she was very excited when i called her >_<
so bad it was very noisy around her . We hardly heard earch other..
it was a nice talking though..

gosh...i'm very sleepy now..T_T it's 11.30 pm here ..
gonna go to bed now...



oH..oH..oH..one question here..
i really wonder when i go to u guys site ,,,it showed weblogs and profile on the same page..but mine do not...-_-; ..so i want to know how to make it shows on the same page as my blog...im kinda confused...thnx...>_<

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++ I'm a newbie here ++
Thursday. 9.14.06 6:14 pm
well, finally, i signed up here...
wanna make this place my secret diary, actually ...hahaha..
but i dont think it's gonna be one now ...

I'm very sleepy.>.~~~ ( -_- ) zZZ
still very early in the morning here ..maybe i should go back to sleep,,,
huuuu..but the prob is i dont think i can ..
i miss Chris ...and yeah,,,i really can't get him outta my head T_T...
so many questions in my mind now ...
what he really want from our relationship??
does he still love me ...or ????
who's dat girl on his friend's list at myspace??? anything special b/w him and her???
she looks hot, that 's why it get me worried....
or maybe i should know my place ,,,dat we now are so far away ...
far away for far too long...

but i dont have anyone....i have only him in my mind..
and why the hell i have to say things here ???
i just...T_T...ok..forget it...
can't do anything with the thing i said above really...
cuz i will never know ...what's really on his mind...
juz hope i would have an answer for that soon(er or later ) T_T....
gtg now..today i'm going back to my hometown...
goodluck to me then ...


p.s. nice to meet u guys here >_<

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